Our Vision

Orbit Securities Company Ltd (ORBIT)’s vision is sustaining its position as the market leader in the country, become the most respected stockbrokerage firm in the region, and graduates into investment banking.

Our Mission

is to provide quality professional services to our clients through a range of products across the capital markets in Tanzania and beyond. This entails keeping abreast with market-relevant developments in the country, regional and global economic environment, building and retaining in-house technical capacity for delivering customer satisfaction, withstanding professional competition in the market, and remaining in the profitability zone.

ORBIT strives to give its Clients value for their investments through research and adaptation to technological innovation and up-grading.

The core principles by which we conduct our business are: 

Customer focus: We are committed to listen and respond positively to the needs of our customer.
Quality and Excellence: We set and achieve high standards in everything we do.
Integrity: We strive to do the right thing. Always.
Team Work: Built on open communication and respect for all.
Efficiency: Timely quality service for our Clients.