Orbit Securities Company Limited (ORBIT) is a private Company incorporated in 1996 under the Laws of the United Republic of Tanzania, and carries the distinction as one of the five founding members of the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE). ORBIT is duly licensed by the Capital Markets & Securities Authority (CMSA) as Stockbroker/Dealer, Investment Advisor and Fund Manager.

The Company is also licensed by the Bank of Tanzania [BOT] as a Primary Dealer for the Government Securities market, and the Social Security Regulatory Authority (SSRA) as a Fund Manager authorised to represent regulated social security funds.

ORBIT is a leading Stock broking firm at the DSE commanding the majority market share more than 10 consecutive years among the 13 licensed players in the market. The most recent statistics (January – 30 September 2021) show that ORBIT was party to 82.2% of all equity trades (buy/sale or both) executed at the market and 40% of fixed income securities’ (Treasury Securities and Corporate Bonds) transaction. 

Our Core Services

ORBIT, through its collection of expertise in areas of Fund Raising, Research, Investment Advisory, Corporate Finance, Economics, Accounting, Project Finance, Project Management, and other associated fields, is an ideal source of a host of financial facilitative services for our valued clients.  As a leading financial service player in the market, we provide the following services:

  • Stock Brokers / Dealers: we execute transactions (relating to buying and selling of shares) at the DSE on behalf of our Clients, and on our own account to provide liquidity in the market. 
  • Primary Dealers in Government Securities: we prepare and submit bids to the Central Bank on behalf of clients and facilitate purchase of Government Securities. We also handle secondary market transactions involving Government Debt Securities. 
  • Investment Advisor: we provide advice to Clients on overall investment planning as well as on specific areas such as security selection, portfolio diversification, risk management, and on timing of buy or sale transactions. ORBIT offers advice taking into account the corresponding investment objectives and risk appetite of each Client. 
  • Sponsoring Broker: we sponsor the listing or cross-listing of securities on the DSE, by facilitating the issuer’s engagement with the regulators (CMSA & DSE) throughout the process, including preparation and of the listing application, attending to regulators’ queries and ensuring receipt of listing approval. We also support the marketing effort for issued securities. 
  • Corporate Finance Consultants (Investment Advisors): we advise Clients on how to raise funds on the market. This could be through Public Offers, Private Placement or by issuance of Corporate Bonds. This also involves preparation of offer documents like – Prospectus, Information Memorandum and other associated documents required by Regulation. 
  • Resource Mobilization: we support clients seeking to raise funds from the domestic and/or international markets. 
  • Custodial Services: we provide custodial services to clients investing in the domestic equity market, by facilitating funds holding and transfers, collection of dividend or interest due to investors, and execute remittance or re-investment instructions. 
  • Fund Management: we advise and implement invetors’ investing strategy, and take responsibility for managing the portfolio trading activities on behalf of our Clients. ORBIT holds Fund Management licenses granted by CMSA and SSRA. 
  • Consultancy: we render varied consultancy services to Clients, including preparation of funding proposals, fund arrangement, financial product structuring, investment policy, business plans, operational manuals, risk management, and financial sector related training. ORBIT was recently involved in two donor funded public sector review projects. 

Experience & Achievements

  • Brokerage/Dealership: most of the deals executed on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange passed through ORBIT, usually being crosses.
  • Resource Mobilization: We have advised issuers and sponsored most Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Rights Issues, Bonds Issues and facilitated their listing on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange [DSE].
  • We have also been part of most bond issues, as advisors, sponsoring broker or lead placement agent.
  • Cross Listing of Shares: We facilitated the first and most of cross-listings of Shares on Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange [for companies which are listed overseas e.g. at Nairobi Stock Exchange] and vice versa.
  • Training: We offer training on matters relevant to Capital Markets to cater for capacity needs of the players in the fast growing industry.
  • Wide Distribution Network: ORBIT has developed a large local agency network that covers for the moment presence in Mwanza, Arusha and Bukoba in Tanzania.