Sibilina Weria

Sibilina Weria-head of finance & administration2

Sibilina Weria

Head of Finance  & Administration.

 MSc Accounting & Finance – Mzumbe University.

Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting (PGDA) – IFM.

Advance Diploma in Certified Accounting (ADCA) – Mzumbe

She is incharge of Back Office Operations Division.  She also prepares Financial reports (monthly, quarterly and annual) for the Company and handles bank transactions reconciliation. Verify prepared cheque lists and ensure that all cash and cheques are acknowledged and banked daily.

She also verifies payments for all company’s expenses after getting relevant approvals.  Make daily reconciliation of payment against purchase of shares by our clients and bring to the attention of management for any anomaly.

Sibilina ensure that all  members of staff report on duty regularly on time and utilize fully their time at work place.